The hugely popular Walthamstow Sunday Social is re-inventing the traditional Street Market. 

Bringing the heart back to the high street through experiential street market offerings, from talented street food vendors, start up brands and great entertainment to help reshape the future of the local community.

The diversity of vendors have been carefully curated to offer crafts, gifts, local specialisms, food, drinks, clothing and art.

We’ve gathered the most interesting street food taste-explosions that London has to offer. We’ve carefully selected a bespoke offering of London’s best street-food traders to create a dining experience for all taste-buds.


The Traditional Walthamstow Market is in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, is the longest (though not the largest) outdoor market in Europe. It occupies all but the last 100 metres of Walthamstow’s High Street. It is reputed to be a mile long, but in fact measures approximately one kilometre.

The 19th century Marsh Street, a rural lane, was transformed into the High Street by Victorian expansion. The street market dates from 1885. Today it is the centre of Walthamstow, with the main rail and tube station, bus station, post office and Central Library, and most of the commercial development and activity located around the High Street.

The High Street area has a diverse, ethnically mixed population whioch brings toghether a colourful close knit community. The market has kept a traditional cockney feel whilst absorbing influences from the diverse cultures of the area.

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